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Speekee Giveaway

Spanish Club friend Lulu will be choosing the winning name!

I have teamed up with Jim Porter at to offer children on my Home Ed Spanish Club the opportunity to win three weeks free subscription to this amazing On-Line resource!

If your child currently attends my Home Ed Spanish Clubs in Warrington or Haslington you are eligible to enter the giveaway.

To enter all you need to do is make a sock puppet, take a photo of it and post the photo – along with the childs name – on the Home Ed Spanish Club Facebook group before 20th September 2015.

All names of the children who enter will be put in a hat/bag/box and the winner chosen at random on Tues 22nd Sept by Lulu (with a helping hand from Chloe!!).  I’ll announce the winner on Facebook and at Spanish Club that week.

Speekee is an online Spanish resource for children aged 4-7 years and 8+ years. As well as the classic Speekee programmes they also have the fastrack programme, which is a 40-week Homeschool curriculum with 140 activities for children aged 4-7. (The usual price for this is £3.75 per month).  Coming soon at the end of September is the Speekee Accelerate programme which is similar to the Fastract programme but for children aged 8+.

Speekee is a great resource to support your childs Spanish learning at home 🙂





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One thought on “Speekee Giveaway

  1. Congratulations toBeatrice who is the winner of the giveaway !!!


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