Everything you need to know about OnLine Language Learning for kids

Earlier this year in February I launched my On Line Spanish classes for children aged 7-11 years.  These six-week courses have been running successfully at maximum capacity (with a waiting list) for two terms now.  For those (parents aswell as children) who have never tried On Line learning the whole prospect can be somewhat daunting, seem un-natural and well down-right scary. I’ve written this blog post to answer some of the most common questions I get asked by parents & students as well as to try to address some of the issues surrounding On Line Language Learning for children and how to make the most out of Online language lessons.  Continue reading “Everything you need to know about OnLine Language Learning for kids”


On Line Spanish Conversation Workshop

Following the success of my last Six-Week On Line Spanish Course I have designed a two-hour conversation workshop in which beginners can improve the speaking and listening skills gained in previous courses.  Tickets are just £35 per person and are available via EventbriteContinue reading “On Line Spanish Conversation Workshop”


OnLine Spanish Course for adults

Starting this June you can now learn Spanish from the comfort of your own home with my 6-week Online Spanish Course in which I will teach you basic holiday Spanish.

We will meet OnLine every Monday 7.30-8.30pm from 6th June – 11th July 2016Continue reading “OnLine Spanish Course for adults”


Do I need to become certified to provide translation services?

I was researching how to become a certified translator here in the UK and was surprised to discover that there is no certification or accreditation requirement in this country.  In fact, so long as you are registered with the HMCR you can legally provide translation services. You do not need a fixed address either which means that translation services can be offered as online services!

However, in order for my clients to feel confident with the translations services I provide it is important for me to become certified at the highest level.   Continue reading “Do I need to become certified to provide translation services?”


FREE OnLine Spanish Taster Lesson

The OnLine version of my Six-Week Mini Spanish Course is finally ready (yey!!).

I will be holding a FREE Taster Lesson on Tuesday 18th August from 7.30-8.15pm.  

This lesson is designed for adult-lerners and open to anyone over the age of 18, so if you have been thinking about learning Spanish for a while but just not got around to it, or maybe you have tried one of the hundreds of free online resources but not got very far – then this is for you!  Continue reading “FREE OnLine Spanish Taster Lesson”