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Top 10 Spanish learning Apps for Children


Here is a list of my Top 10 Spanish learning Apps for children. I’d say these Apps are suitable for children up to the age of 7 as some of them are quite basic and older children could get bored.

This is a great list that covers numbers, colours, food as well as other vocabulary, games, songs and cartoons.

  1. Aprende a leer – Great App. Very child-friendly.
  2. Duolingo – A very user-friendly App suitable for adults & children alike (not suitable for very young children). You can start as a beginner or for intermediate speakers take a test to start from an appropriate level. Works well on a PC also.
  3. Princesses Learn Languages (Spanish) – Lovely App. Audio books in Spanish (and English), with activities that support comprehension of the stories.
  4. Learn Spanish for Kids – Bilingual Child by Tiny Factory Great App for younger children. The first four subjects are free but after that you have to pay.
  5. Spanish Baby Flash Cards – Great simple App. with clear illustrations that teaches vocab.
  6. Arthur Apple: Book 1(free) – Great App (although still needs to iron out some issues with page-turning problems).
  7. Kids Learn Spanish with Busu – Excellent App. Great images & keeps children entertained.
  8. Pollitos Pío Pío – ridiculously annoying song but the children LOVE it.
  9. Cartoons for Kids in Spanish – A very heavy App that can take a little too long to download. If you manage to download it – the cartoons are great.
  10. Learn Numbers and Letters in Spanish – lots of games suitable for younger children.

Do you use any of these Apps? Are there any you use that are not on this list? Comment below and leave your own recommendations.

Coming soon: Top 10 Spanish learning Apps for older children.

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