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How can I encourage my child to start writing in Spanish?

My eldest daughter is six and is bilingual. She has no problem speaking in Spanish (spending the first three years of her life in Argentina laid a solid foundation).  She can also read in Spanish, but when it comes to writing she usually just shuts down.  I’m not too bothered as I’m not one of those pushy, competitive parents who compares my children to their peers (not all the time anyway!!) and understand that each child is unique and develops in different ways at different times. She hasn’t shown much interest in writing in English yet so I’m not surprised that there hasn’t been any demand to do it in Spanish, until now… Continue reading “How can I encourage my child to start writing in Spanish?”

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Speekee® Accelerate Review: Weeks 11-14

Weeks 11 & 12

Weeks 11 & 12 cover modes of transport, colours and comparing sizes. The worksheets in week 11 are great and easy for the children to get on with.  They include lots of repetition with nice clear instructions.

Kids studying
Doing the transport worksheets in our new “home ed” space.

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Speekee Giveaway

Spanish Club friend Lulu will be choosing the winning name!

I have teamed up with Jim Porter at Speekee.com to offer children on my Home Ed Spanish Club the opportunity to win three weeks free subscription to this amazing On-Line resource!

If your child currently attends my Home Ed Spanish Clubs in Warrington or Haslington you are eligible to enter the giveaway.

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