Latin America

10 Animals unique to South America

This post was inspired by the bilingual children’s book I’m working on with a colleague.  I’m researching South American animals and was remembering the amazing encounters I’ve had with so many many of these animals while I was there.   Continue reading “10 Animals unique to South America”

Spanish Club

“Plant People” Game

This is a great game to accompany a food unit. The children have to think of 10 fruits and vegetables. Once they have ten items s/he is required to draw that person using only the items on the list.  Then they can label the body parts in Spanish. Continue reading ““Plant People” Game”


Do I need to become certified to provide translation services?

I was researching how to become a certified translator here in the UK and was surprised to discover that there is no certification or accreditation requirement in this country.  In fact, so long as you are registered with the HMCR you can legally provide translation services. You do not need a fixed address either which means that translation services can be offered as online services!

However, in order for my clients to feel confident with the translations services I provide it is important for me to become certified at the highest level.   Continue reading “Do I need to become certified to provide translation services?”