Hola, me llamo Kelly…

Two time published bilingual author

I’m the owner of Adventures in Spanish.

I moved back to the UK in 2013 after living and working for 20 years in South America. I communicate in Spanish as a native. My love for the language was born in high school then was developed through extensive travel, courses and work across the length and breadth of South America.

In 2003 I settled in Mendoza, Argentina where set up the first English-language tourist magazine called “The Grapevine”, I am also the founder of The Grapevine Wine Tours, a travel agency that specialised in Wine Tours which I ran in Mendoza Wine Country for over 10 years.

Today, I still immerse myself in Argentine culture, even all the way over here at our home in Abersoch on the tip of the Llyn Peninsula. Both my children were born in Argentina, it is important to me that the connection to their home remains strong.

Over delivering and client satisfaction are at the heart of what I do. I have a very dynamic, student led approach to teaching and believe each student’s learning journey to be unique. It’s my job to help bring the Spanish language to life for learners of all ages, for it to be more than just a pass grade on an exam paper. Learning Spanish is like opening a door to a whole new World, that is vibrant and colourful.

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