My name is Kelly Thornhill I home kelly thornhilleducate my two daughters (Chloe 6 & Carmela 4) who were both born in Argentina.  I moved back to the UK in 2013 after living in South America for 15 years. I am raising my children bilingual and we are a multicultural family! At home our common language is Spanish and most of the learning that takes place is in Spanish.

I try to keep my girls immersed in the Spanish language as much as possible at home, we (try to) speak to each other only in Spanish, watch TV programs in Spanish, when we bake we follow Spanish recipies, play computer games & Apps in Spanish, and I always make sure the bedtime story is in Spanish.

I am a passionate linguist and communicate in Spanish as a native. I LOVE speaking spanish and am always looking at how to develop my skills further. I recently sat my DELE C2 exam in Spanish at the Instituto de Cervantes in Leeds. The C2 exam is the Mastery level of Spanish as recognised World Wide.

My Spanish took years to perfect and since moving back to the UK in 2013 I have dedicated my time to setting up Adventures in Spanish, developing my services and sharing my expertise.

My love affair with the Spanish language began at High School, however it was only when I arrived in Venezuela in 2000 that I was able to develop it further – when I had my first experience of an intensive course. Since then I have enjoyed the privilege of taking many Spanish courses in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina.  Read more about how I became fluent in Spanish here.

It wasn’t all work and no play mind you 😉  I also delighted in many amazing experiences both personal and professional.  You can read more about my experiences in South America here.

This blog is dedicated to providing Spanish learning resources for my students, for other linguists and teachers as well as other families who Home Educate their children. I hope you find it useful. Don’t let this be your only visit, sign up to receive new posts by email!

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