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SIX ways to ask “How are you?” in Spanish

Did you know that there is more than one way to ask how someone is in Spanish? Or did you think the only way to do it was by asking; ¿Cómo estás?

In this blog post I’m going to give you a few other options so taht you can practise your informal Spanish when you’re next on holidayu.

1. ¿Cómo estas?

Ok, so the first one is the most common one, it’s the one we’re taught when we first start learning Spanish. It’s with the verb Estar and we ask; ¿Cómo estas?

2. ¿Cómo va?

The next one is one of my favorites. YOu may have heard this one in Celia Cruzs canción “Oye Cómo Va” . There’s a couple of other takes on that one too you can say;

¿Cómo te va? How are you doing or ¿Cómo va todo? how’s everything going?

Va (it goes) comes from the verb Ir which means “to go”

3 ¿Cómo andas?

This one is used a lot in Argentina, I remember using this one all the time – I really like it! Andas from the verb Andar which means to walk, go around take a walk around.

¿Cómo andas nena? How’s it going girl

Che, ¿Cómo andas nena? How’s it going pal

4 ¿Qué tal?

Another common one for beginners is ¿Qué tal? Easy to remember AND easy to pronounce too 🙂

If you’d like to listen to how these expressions sound in Spanish take a look at my video below.

So there we have it six ways to ask someone how they are informally. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite expression, how do you like to ask “Hey how’s it going?” to people you know in Spanish? Or maybe you use something different?

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