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The difference between “la gente” & “las personas” in Spanish

Do you know the difference between la gente and las personas in Español?

La gente means “the people” as in an unspecified amount of people.

Las personas on the other other hand, although it also means people, it refers to a specified number of people. It could also be translated as “the persons” but we know that’s not correct English 😉

You might say una persona (one person) or dos personas (two people). You wouldn’t say una gente or dos gentes.

They’re a bit of a nuance really in Español as it’s difficult to know when to use them unless you’ve been speaking Spanish for a while.

I inherently know when to use gente and when to use personas. The easiest rule is to remember;

La gente = unquantifiable (the people)

Las personas = quantifiable

Here how these are pronounced in my mini lesson below.

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