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Am I Nearly There Yet? (¿Ya Estoy Llegando?)

I’m so excited to be writing this post…it’s an exhilarating time for me as I announce the launch date for my first bilingual children’s book with acclaimed author Jude Lennon.

“Am I Nearly There Yet?” (¿Ya Estoy Llegando?) Follows the adventures of Frida a Monarch butterfly as she makes her migratory journey down to Mexico for the ‘Day of the Dead Festival’. But, Frida is a day dreamer. She wasn’t paying attention and the other butterflies have left without her. Who will help Frida find her way? And, will she get to the festival on time?

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Review – Speekee® Accelerate: Spanish for kids

I am reviewing the Speekee® Accelerate Programme that was launched in November 2015.

Speekee is an Online Spanish resource designed for children that are Home Educated.  I subscribed to the Fastrack program designed for 4-7 year olds earlier this year and found it to be very useful in supporting our language learning journey at home.  The Accelerate programme is designed for students age 8+.









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Do I need to become certified to provide translation services?

I was researching how to become a certified translator here in the UK and was surprised to discover that there is no certification or accreditation requirement in this country.  In fact, so long as you are registered with the HMCR you can legally provide translation services. You do not need a fixed address either which means that translation services can be offered as online services!

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