15 Tips for a Greener Holiday – How to Travel More Sustainably

By becoming more aware of your choices when you travel you can make a huge difference on the Planet.

Here are 15 things that you can do on an individual level to ensure your trips to Spanish-speaking countries are more sustainable.  At the end of the list are links to two websites that offer more information on Sustainable Tourism.

  1. Take fewer flights and fewer long-haul trips.   Combining different countries or destination within the same trip reduces CO2 emissions.
  2. Book non-stop flights whenever you can. Takeoffs and landings create most of an airplane’s carbon emissions.
  3. If you do fly, look for the airlines who offer carbon offset programs these neutralize the aircraft’s carbon emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects.
  4. Check that menus in restaurants have no whale or endangered species meat.
  5. Shop locally, buy local artisan products to support local communities.
  6. Use water sparingly – Take refillable water bottles.
  7. When travelling with children – let them taste & see the things you see, this will prepare them to travel more sustainably in the future.
  8. Learn about current environmental issues in the places you are visiting.
  9. Research before you travel to make sure you respect local traditions.
  10. Use local and public transport whenever possible.
  11. Don’t buy products made from endangered species or valuable, historical, or cultural artifacts.
  12. Use accommodations that have a reputation for being sustainable.
  13. Use the “Do Not Disturb” sign every day on your door throughout your stay, this will cut down on chemicals used for cleaning, electricity used in vacuuming, and the washing of bed linens.
  14. Take your own reusable bag.
  15. Travel with operators that organise small group tours, these have less of an environmental impact.
Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, Costa Rica – 5 Leafs – for sustainability

More information:

Responsible Travel – great website that specializes in responsible travel.

Further reading:

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