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Beach holidays; Venezuela

Venezuela was the first country on my list, flights were cheap and it seemed like a good “starting point” for me so I bought a one-year open ticket and off I went.  I arrived with my brand new ruck sack, walking boots, pillow case (!!!)…the lot, nervous yet excited to find out what was in store for me. I had no plan, no time limit I just knew that when my money started to run out I would need to work, but I’d been working since I was 14, I had worked in Greece, in Copenhagen so I wasn’t worried!

The Venezuelan Caribbean and surrounding islands are still home to some of the most un-spoilt beaches in the Caribbean, as-well as being some of my favourite places in the World.  Beach holidays in Venezuela are the perfect holiday for those looking for long white sandy beaches, backed with coconut groves and fishing boats bobbing in calm oceans. Venezuela beach holidays can be a dreamy experience for anyone looking for a “unique” holiday that doesn’t break the bank.  Accommodation ranges from large chain hotels to small family run Posadas.

Isla Magarita

Isla de Margarita
Unless you fly from Caracas  (1 hour direct fight), the Ferry to Margarita Island departs from Puerto la Cruz, and takes between 2-4 hours depending on the service.  Isla Margarita, does cater for high-end travellers, however it is not known for being an expensive resort destination and has many small B&B’s and “casas del playa” that rent rooms by the week.

I spent four months on Isla Magarita, it was the first place I visited in Venezuela – I literally made a bee line for it as soon as I arrived on the Latin continent! The beaches are long white and sandy, lined with palm trees, the water crystalline and warm and the climate is almost perfect, as such it was the perfect place for me to hang out and acclimatize!
The most popular beach is Playa del Agua on the North of the Island.  It is loved by both tourists and locals and enjoys some great beach parties! There is a boulevard, restaurants, hotels & shops! Playa Parguito and Playa El Yaque attract young people for the sports – surfing, windsurfing & kite surfing. Playa Galera, Playa Manzanillo and Playa Juangriego, are calm beaches with pretty sunsets whereas Playa Caribe is know for its parties & caves! Playa Zaragoza with its shallow, gentle waters is great for swimming. Playa Puerto Cruz & Playa Puerto Viejo attract mainly the hotel guests.

Los Roques

Los Roques
Around 350 islands make up the archipelago of Los Roques, which is situated 128 km from the mainland of Venezuela. It was declared as National Park due to the wild variety of birds, and aquatic life.  Los Roques attracts many divers from all over the World, primarily Europe.  There are two barrier reefs, 1500km of coral reefs and a lagoon. Accommodation is in luxurious lodges, Posadas and Inns.

Mochima National Park

Mochima National Park
This National Park extends along the North West Venezuelan coast line from Barcelona, Puerto la Cruz y Cumuná covering a total of almost 95,000 hectares.
The beauty of this whole area is breathtaking.  The coast line hides some of the most untouched beaches in the region, with many islands still in their virgin state.  Playa Colorada is one of the best known beaches, famous for its’ golden sands that give the beach it’s name.

Morrocoy National Marine Park
Located on the central west coast, it is an area of natural beauty with mangroves, islets and spectacular white sandy beaches.  There are numerous species of birds amongst a tropical dry forest. It is an extraordinary landscape rich in biodiversity and beauty attracting visitors from all over.

Santa Ana de Coro, was the first settlement by the Spanish conquerors and is steeped in culture, history and colonial architecture (it has some 602 historic buildings), for which it was declared UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993.   Coro has a semi-arid climate with only 382mm of rainfall per year.  One hour North of Coro are the World Famous beaches for windsurfing in the Paraguaná Peninsula.

Choroni / Puerto Colombia

Choroni / Puerto Colombia
Choroní is one of Venezuela’s best Caribbean beaches, the hamlet itself sits slightly inland, boasting some fine colonial houses around a quiet central plaza.
The neighbouring fishing village of Puerto Colombia just beyond Choroni is where the palm tree-lined beaches lie and most accommodation is found. Framed by the tropical rain forest of Parque Henri Pitier, the beaches around Puerto Colombia are some of the most stunningly beautiful in the country.

Paría Peninsula
Stretching out towards Trinidad and Tobago and reachable by road from Caracas, the Paría Peninsula is an un-spoilt and lush area of palm forested hills that tumble-down to long, sheltered golden beaches.
Calm, clear and warm seas are perfect for snorkeling, while accommodation is in simple Posadas and guesthouses.

Venezuela Travel advice:
When to travel: The tourist season runs year round. For beach holidays the dry season is preferable, which is from  November/December to April/May. The rest of the year is the wet season.

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