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Useful Spanish phrase for trying on clothes

Ok so imagine you’re in una tienda de ropa (clothes shop) in España and you’re trying on una camiseta (a t-shirt). We’re in Spain so a t-shirt is called una camiseta, if we were in Argentina for example it would be called una remerauna remera is a t-shirt in Argentina but we’re in España so let’s stick with una camiseta¿bien?

Ok, so you’re trying on una camiseta it’s a little bit too tight you need a bigger size. How do you ask for that in Español?

Okay so first of all the word for size, as in clothes size in Español is;

talla – size

So la talla that you’ve got is pequeña. You need una talla más grande so you want to ask politely to the shop assistant for that or maybe even una talla mucho más grande

So, you will say:

Perdón or disculpa – excuse me

Puedo probar – Can I try

Esta – this (feminine noun)

You can use this phrase for any item of clothing, so you can replace esta camiseta with estos pantalones (these trousers) or esta falda (this skirt).

*Esta is a demonstrative pronoun, like estos and means this or these. It’s important to know how to use them and a great way to practise adjectival agreement too. I teach this in my Beginners Spanish Classes – visit my website for details on upcoming courses.

So the phrase in full;

¡Disculpa or perdón! ¿Puedo probar [esta camiseta] en una talla más grande por favor?

There we go and if you’d like to learn more about shopping in a Spanish-speaking country check out my holiday Spanish course that includes a whole week of five lessons dedicated to shopping. It covers everything from sales and discounts to how to return an item. More information on my website here

Check out my YouTube video below for help with pronouncing this phrase. As always look forward to hearing your feedback on how you’re getting on with your Español.

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