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Handy phrases to know in Spanish

It’s great learning vocab an getting to grips with verbs but there’s nothing better than being able to drop a timely phrase into your Spanish conversation practise occasionally.

But knowing which phrase to use and when can be tricky as many have double meanings. A phrase that you can’t go wrong with and one that works well when you’re saying goodbye to someone is “hopefully we’ll see each other again soon”.

Depending on the likelihood that you will see this person soon again you have two options;

Option 1

In the event that it is unlikely you will see them soon you can use ojalá. Ojalá is used with the subjunctive tense, which is the tense that is used for things that one “wants” or “wishes” to happen.

Spanish people often use ojalá as a one-word response. The Spanish verb ojalá translates to “I wish.” It can also be translated to “God willing.” Usually, when it is said as a response, ojalá implies that you are wishing for something, but it is very unlikely to happen.

So you could say;

ojalá que nos veamos pronto

Ojalá is regularly used on it’s own to mean “let’s hope” and in other phrases such as;

Ojalá que no llueva – I hope it doesn’t rain

You’ll notice that the ending of the verb llover (to rain) in the subjunctive is different to the present tense in that it ends in ‘a’ not ‘e’ as you would expect it to – this is the subjunctive in action!

Option 2

Another way of saying this same phrase, when you imagine that you will see the person soon is to simply use the present tense with the “wanting to/waiting” verb, esperar.

Espero que nos vemos pronto

Espero – I hope, que – that, nos vemos – we see (each other), pronto – soon.

I’ve recorded a mini lesson to help with the pronunciation of these phrase. ¡Que lo disfruten!

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