Top Tips for learning a new language

Learning a new language can be daunting. Knowing how to start is key. In this video I share with you some of my Top Tips for learning Spanish. Tips that can be applied to any language.

Tip Número Uno

First up decide why you’re learning your language. Do you have a holiday booked? Are you applying for a job that requires you learn a different language? Maybe you’re just in love with Español and you want to learn, or maybe you want to keep your brain active -you know how fabulous learning a new language is for that!

Whatever your reason make sure that it’s clear to you why you’re learning because it will help you when it comes to selecting your resources and keeping your motivation going.

Tip Número Dos

This is about your resources so if you’re an independent learner and you like to research the different resources yourself it’s important that you prepare them the night before. You may put aside 10 minutes or half an hour or an hour a day for your language learning what you don’t want to do really is when you come to learn your language to spend half that time or all the time searching YouTube for videos or trying to work out where you’re up to with Memrise or Duolingo. The best thing to do is to prepare your resources the day before so that when you come to sit down and learn your language that’s what you’re doing. Then of course when you’ve finished make sure that you prepare the resources ready for the next day or the next lesson. So that the next time you come and sit down and learn your language you just open your book or turn on your computer and you know where everything is. It makes it easier and it kind of cuts out all of the noise so that when you’re learning your language that’s what you’re doing you’re not researching resources you’re learning!

Tip Número Tres

This is kind of related to tip número dos as it’s about creating a language learning routine that works for you. (I recently wrote a blog post all about this, you can ready it here)

So we’re all different we’ve all got very different and unique learning styles so it’s important that you find something that works for you. Maybe you’re a crammer maybe on saturdays and sundays you cram as much learning into those two days because you know you’ve only got six weekends until you go on holiday. Or maybe you’re more of a consistent learner you want to do a little bit every day. If I’m honest this is the best way to learn because by doing a little bit every day and fitting it into your schedule you’re creating a language learning routine that’s sustainable over time. Cramming is great if you want to just do some cramming and to get you through a holiday but if you’re looking to learn a language in depth over time, for maybe a holiday next year or the year after or you want to be able to communicate with relatives or friends – you want to gradually improve then it’s important that you find something that works for you.

For me for example I’m an early riser and in the morning I have 10 minutes every morning to learn welsh. I prepare my resources the evening before and then I come down and do my 10 minutes. When I’m finished I leave everything prepared for the next morning. I know that doing a little bit every day will get me to where I want to get to eventually, and of course if I want to do anything extra at the weekend like practice with my kids or do some cramming that’s fine but at least I’ve got my daily routine and it works for me. So find some time in your day if you can – any minutes are better than none!

Tip Número Cuatro

This is probably my favorite thing to do with a language and it involves turning all of your devices onto español. Watch your Netflix movies in Spanish with the subtitles on. Listen to spanish music. But most of all put your SatNav on to Spanish and start to get used to hearing the directions in español. During the summer when you’re traveling and there are long delays at the airport (!!) What better way to brush up on your Spanish than to have your SatNav on with your headphones in walking around the airport.

(That’s a great activity for kids as well actually!)

Tip Número Cinco

The final one tip número cinco is to go easy on yourself. Don’t expect too much too soon. Language learning is progressive, it takes time and you’re not going to become fluent overnight. By doing a little bit every day and having a realistic language learning goal that you’re working towards then everything should work out for you.

If you’d like any more advice or hints or tips on learning espanol or details of any of the courses that I run do feel free to contact me or check me out on my website

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