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Fun with Spanish numbers

Learning Spanish numbers can be a bit of a drag. Flashcards, Duolinguo, repetition…yawn!

But it’s important you know them (obvs!), I mean how else will you give your out the the person you’ve been talking to for hours or book a table in a restaurant or a taxi… the list goes on.

A good way to practise your numbers is by learning your telephone number. There are different ways to say it. Some people group the area code, then do double digits from there. Others prefer to say it in hundreds. I suppose the best way is to try all of them and find one that feels right for you. The idea here is to try an avoid giving it out in single digits šŸ˜‰

For example; my mobile number is 07592 833 462. I always say it in English in single digits in the UK, but when I give it to my Argentine and Spanish friends I say it differently; 075 92 83 34 62. Don’t ask me why, I think it might be because that’s how I used to give it out when I lived in Argentina. It’s automatic for some reason, I don’t even think about it!

So have a go, write your phone number out in different ways, practise saying it and let me know which you prefer. And if you’d like to practise your listening skills and hear how my telephone number sounds out loud watch the video below.

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