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Todo Sobre Mi – Lapbooking

A great introduction to Spanish for young children is to create a “Todo Sobre Mi” (all about me) lapbook in which the children can include:

  • Draw a picture of themselves for the front page.
  • Write their names; Me llamo or Mi nombre es and include the sounds of each letter in Spanish so they can pronounce and spell their name.
Front page; Me llamo Chloe
Front page; Mi nombre es Carmela

For the inside I used different templates for the following topics:

  • Colores. Mi color preferida es…
  • Números. We wrote them in number form with the letters underneath.  The children use this to say how old they are.
  • Me gusta & No me gusta. We used envelope templates and wrote different foods on pieces of card to place in the appropriate envelope.
  • I used a “window” template for the pronouns el, la ellos, ellas and also an envelope.
  • Mi familia. We wrote the different family members (papá, mamá, tía, abuelo etc).
  • Ser y Estar. The children use this to describe themselves. (Soy inteligente, soy grande etc.)
  • Mi héroe. The children drew a picture of their heroes and described them.
First Spanish lapbook; “Todo Sobre Mi

My children are older now, and we enjoy looking back on the lapbooks they did over the years during our Home Education journey, this one, in particular is lovely and a great reminder of just how far they have come on their own Spanish-learning journey.

Do you use lapbooks to support your child’s language learning? If so I’d love to see some examples of your work!

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