speekee review

Speekee® Accelerate Review: Weeks 33 – 36

Weeks 33 & 34

This unit covers restaurants and is mainly about food and drink. We set up a restaurant and gave it a name. Then used the workseets for some role play. We used the following vocabulary:

¿Qué quieres para beber?” (What do you want to drink?)

“Gracias” (Thank you) replying with “De nada” (You are welcome).

When ordering food we used:

¿Qué quieres para comer?” (What do you want to eat?).

“Quiero una hamburguesa” (I want a hamburger).


I  took the pictures of drinks from this unit as well as some play food to my Home Ed Spanish Club as we’re learning about food too this term. The children had lots of fun doing their own role play…

Role Play activity with ‘la comida y la bebida’ at Home Ed Spanish Club.

Having just visted our local ice cream farm we enjoyed this follow-on activity which turns letters into numbers (A=1, B=2 etc). We wrote out “Un helado de chocolate” (A chocolate ice cream) in numbers: 21-14 8-5-12-1-4-15 4-5 3-8-15-3-15-12-1-20-5.

Weeks 35 & 36

Level 18 is about sports, including football, cycling, darts and a variation on tennis. We discussed whether we liked or disliked different sports using the following vocabulary:

“¿Te gusta..?” (Do you like..?) We talked about what types of ‘deportes’ we do on which days then completed the crossword.


We LOVE playing Twister and it’s a great way to encourage use of the target language…we had lots of fun playing it in Spanish!


For more information about the Speekee Accelerate programme visit their website www.speekee.com

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