Speekee® Accelerate Review: Weeks 27 – 32

Weeks 27 & 28

Audio files have now been added to the entire programme which is great as it gives additional listening practice to each video.

As a change to the previous videos, week 27 is a silent movie about being in a fairground. We discussed the different types of rides, which are our favourites and which go “rapidamente”, “arriba” and “abajo”.  We set up an obstacle course at home to practice the words “arriba” “abajo” in Spanish. 

The girls enjoyed the “las gafas” activity this week and made some colourful designs…

Chloe (7) enjoyed designing “gafas de multi colores”

Time is introduced this week also with some nice worksheets that accompnay the audio clips. The egg activity is great, although we’ve not done much about time yet so will be leaving this for later on in the year.

In Spanish we discussed our favourite ice cream flavours (which is always fun)….and took a field trip to our local “heladeria!”; Shugboroughs.

Helado de limón y chocolate” and “helado de chocolate y torta de zanahoria

Weeks 29 & 30

The video in this unit is all about birthday parties! We’ve had plenty of practice singing “Feliz cumpleaños” over the years 🙂

The worksheet activity was interesting to do with the girls and they enjoyed the “Spanish cognates” excercise. Cognates are words in two languages that share a similar meaning, spelling, and pronunciation. We got a long list of these from the Spanish Cognates website. It’s a game we play on long car journeys…today we chose to use animals so for example; elefante (elephant). cebra (zebra).


Weeks 31 & 32

Yay! Pirates & treasure hunt…two things that go down well with any child 🙂  The spelling activity is ok. I found the flower conjugation activity excellent and we really got stuck in with the verb Ser (To Be).

We always enjoy a good memory game in Spanish – it’s another game we play alot on long car journeys. We used animal flash cards then tried to remember as many of them as we could!

My next Blog post will cover weeks 33-36 of the Speekee Accelerate Programme. For more information on the Speekee Accelerate programme visit their website

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