Latin America

Why is the 25 de Mayo celebrated in Argentina?

There are two important dates around Argentina’s independence from Spain; 9 de Julio which is the day Independence was declared and the 25 de Mayo which is when the first local government was established in Buenos Aires in 1810. 25 de Mayo is known as The May Revolution (Revolución de Mayo) or Revolution Day (El día de la Revolución). The famous Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires is named in honor of this event.

25 de mayo
The flag of Argentina and maté (traditional drink)

What happens in Argentina on this date and how is it celebrated?

Well, 25 de Mayo has of course been declared a national holiday in Argentina! People take to the streets to celebrate from marches and concerts to public rallies and meetings the streets across the country are filled with people.

It’s also a time for families and friends to get together traditional meals are prepared, meals such as locro, empanadas, pastelitos. Or at many homes a traditional Argentine BBQ (asado) is eaten.

traditional food
Traditional Argentinian food; locro, empanadas and pastelitos.
Asado – Argentina BBQ




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