Speekee® Accelerate Review: Weeks 23 & 24

Weeks 23 & 24 were fun to do…all about musical instruments!  We started off looking at the different musical instruments on the worksheets and talked about what they are and asked ¿Qué instrumento es? (What instrument is it?).  The lesson evolved and before we knew it the children we playing and tuning the ukulele!

This is one of the things I love about Home Education – seeing the children’s Spanish learning-journey evolving with them – there are no limits to where they can take it. 

We discussed how – when talking about instruments that you play – you use the verb “Tocar” (to touch):

Yo toco I play
Tu tocas You play (informal)
El/ella toca He/she/it plays
Nosotros tocamos We play
Ustedes tocan You play (formal)
Ellos/ellas tocan They play

The children enjoyed the next activity which involved miming different instruments while the others guessed what it was. We used the question format as suggested by Speekee – ¿Qué instrumento tienes?” (What instrument have you got?). The children answered, for example, “Tengo una guitarra” (I have got a guitar).

What instrument is it

tuning the ukalelee
Tuning the ukulele
Carmela and ukalelee
Carmela keeps herself entertained with the ukulele

The children got on independently with the worksheets for this unit and we finished with a discussion about our favourite instruments by asking “Cuál es tu instrumento favorito?”. They answered: “Mi instrumento favorito es …” (My favorite instrument is …).

My next blog post will cover weeks 25-26.

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