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Speekee® Accelerate Review: Weeks 21 & 22

Units for weeks 21 & 22 are all about animals!

For week 21 we spent time talking about our different animals and which are our favourite, forming questions like “¿Cúal es tu animal favorito?” (What is your favorite animal?). We also played a game of animal charades which was fun! 

There is a lot of writing practice in this unit which is good which meant that the children could get on with the worksheets independently. The Animal word-search went down well with Chloe as she is loves them!

In week 22 we are introduced to tongue twisters!!! Yay…we love them & it just so happens that I’ve been doing them this term with the children in one of the Home Ed Spanish Clubs I run. The following sheet has a few tongue twisters in Spanish and is available as part of a booklet from Rachel Hawkes website which has lots of great Spanish resources (some of which have a cost).


By far the highlight of this unit was the “Old McDonald had a Farm” song in Spanish. Once we had filled in the missing words to the song sheet we all sang it in Spanish with Timothy playing it on the piano!

T playing piano

My next post covers weeks 23 – 24.

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