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Speekee® Accelerate Review: Weeks 11-14

Weeks 11 & 12

Weeks 11 & 12 cover modes of transport, colours and comparing sizes. The worksheets in week 11 are great and easy for the children to get on with.  They include lots of repetition with nice clear instructions.

Kids studying
Doing the transport worksheets in our new “home ed” space.

Weeks 13 & 14

Weeks 13 & 14 take a look at the weather and introduces the future tense to talk about what the weather is going to be like tomorrow.  There is a lot of new information, so if you haven’t covered the weather before you may want to take some extra time here!

The first activity is a game; “weather dominoes” we enjoyed playing this a lot!  It’s a great way to reinforce the weather vocabulary that the children will have already heard in the videos – we played with the weather scenes in present tense: Sunny = hace sol. Rain = llueve. Cloud = nube. Snow = nieve. Each child asks “qué tiempo hace” and as we each place the dominoes we say the weather domino being played.

We had a look at how to conjugate the following verbs in the present tense which is what we needed to play the game. Eg. Hace sol / va a llover / esta lloviendo.

Hacer = To do

Hago I do
Haces You do
Hace It/he/she does
Hacemos We do
Hacen You do

Ir = To go

Voy I go
Vas You go
Va It/He/She goes
Vamos We go
Van They go

Estar = To be

Estoy I am
Estas You are
Esta It/He/She is
Estamos We are
Estan They are


Playing el tiempo dominoes
Playing weather dominoes
Dominoes win
Timothy is very pleased that he won!

The additional worksheets (2-4) in this unit reinforce the weather vocabulary and went down well with the children.

For more information about the Speekee Online programmes visit their website www.speekee.com

My next post will cover the activities from weeks 15-18.

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