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Review: Rockalingua

We have just signed up for the Family Subscription with Rockalingua and I just had to write this blog post about it as it is a fantastic resource!  Everything from the design and quality of the videos and songs to the worksheets is faultless – As a Home Educator and Spanish teacher I can’t believe I didn’t subscribe sooner!

Both my girls (4 & 6 years) enjoy listening to the songs and playing the games, Chloe (6) even got on with the worksheets on her own!!  I use it as a additional resource to support their Spanish-learning journey alongside weekly Spanish classes, Spanish stories & programmes as well as other on-line resources.

There are different annual subscriptions ranging from the limited subscription at USD $45 (around 30 GBP) to a teacher subscription that includes all CD´s & DVD´s for $199 (around 140 GBP). We signed up for the family subscription which costs usual USD $75 (or 22 GBP with a special Home Ed discount code).  The subscription that includes  CD´s & DVD´s costs USD 129 (approx 90 GBP) and it´s worth the investment as they are fantastic – we listen to them all the time in the car.

So if you haven´t discovered Rockalingua yet have a look at the website…there´s so much fun to be had learning Spanish with this resource!



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