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Book review – Arriba, Abajo y Alrededor

Arriba, Abajo y Alrededor = Up, Down and Around

by Katherine Ayres & Nadine Bernard Westcott is a wonderful book that was a great hit with all the children.  It is simple to read with lovely bright illustrations.  I used it to accompany a food unit I did during the Autumn.Arriba abajo y alrededor

With the older children, we read it together, taking turns as we passed it around the class. This was a great exercise for them to practice reading with vocabulary they recognised but in short sentences.

With the younger one as well as simply reading it, we played a game. Whenever I said each of the words in the title the children had to act out the meaning.  So when I read (arriba) they stretched up as high as they could, get down on the floor as low as they can when I read (abajo) and spin around for (alrededor). This is great fun and really gets the children listening and understanding first prepositions while learning new vocabulary.

Arriba abajo y alrededor

Arriba abajo y alrededorArriba abajo y alrededorOther books that work well with this unit are “El Nabo Gigante” by Aleksei Tolstoy & Niamh Sharkey and “La semilla de Zanajoria” by Ruth Krauss, reviews coming soon.

Photo credit: Brandi McGrath Pownall

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