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Top 10 resources to support your child’s Spanish learning at home


This post is a list of 10 of my favourite children’s learning resources for Spanish. This list is only the beginning…there are 100’s more resources that I use.  I am compiling a full list and review of all of them including Apps, Online courses, literature, blogs, programs and websites so that we can all use them to support our child’s (or our own) learning at home.

With so many resources available it is quite a challenge so I’m reaching out for help…

If you are one of the many parents who is raising bilingual children (like me) or a Spanish teacher (like me) then I’d love to hear from you.  At the end of this post I ask for your input…share with us any Spanish resources you use either at home or at school that support a child’s Spanish-learning journey.

If you aren’t learning or teaching Spanish yourself but know someone that is then please share this post with them…let’s share our resources and help each other raise & educate bilingual children!

Speekee – An Online Spanish course for children.  The fast Track Course is a 40 week course for children between 4-7 years old and costs £4.95 per month.  It has lots of videos & activities for three sessions per week.

Light Bulb Languages – This Blog is jam packed full of resources from primary through to A-Level learning.

Teach Beside Me – Search for “Spanish”  on the home page of this blog to find a list of great resources for further reading.

Duolingo – A very user-friendly App suitable for adults & children alike (not suitable for very young children). You can start as a beginner or for intermediate speakers take a test to start from an appropriate level.  Works well on a PC also.

Debbies Spanish – A wealth of resources on this blog, book reviews, games and more. I go back to this blog time & time again and am always inspired.

Salsa – Free episodes of Salsa, also includes pdf. documents & complimentary activities.

Aprende a leer – Great App. Very child-friendly.

Teaching Espanol – A blog with lots of good resources & book reviews.

Spanish Playground – Fantastic resource. This website has everything you need to support your child’s learning through games, stories and much, much more.

Sesame Amigos – Spanish (Latin) version of Sesame Street available on Youtube.

Comment below or share with us on Facebook any resources you use to support your childs Spanish learning journey!

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